Posted by: beansai | May 30, 2007

Lit Bit goals…

Hey all! I’m Whispering Willow and I’m here to bring a fresh view on some of the available literature out there. I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember and have always tried to convince those around me how enjoyable some of the books that I read are. Despite all my efforts and nagging they refuse to listen, so I had to think of another way to bring literature into other people’s lives; that’s where Lit Bit comes in; I hope to bring some thought provoking and tantilizing reviews right to your computer screen.
I will try and furnish a wide variety of literature styles in my reviews, though it may take some time since this is a new venture and I have many books to add to my “To Read” list. My main passion is 19th century British Literature, but I too am expanding my literary horizons to include more classics and modern novels as well as short stories, poetry, and maybe the occassional non-fiction. I hope you enjoy this endeavor as much as I shall.



  1. Blogging is contagious and it is rare that a it emerges as an intelligent insight…to…well, anything. I look forward to reading your reviews and harassing you via the comments.

  2. Haha…and I in turn look forward to your harassment. I suppose it is about time I put up with my share of it since I am always pestering you on your blog, website, and room. HAHA! I certainly hope this blog conveys even an ounce of sense and insight. Who knows though; if I write my reviews in the middle of the night on little sleep it very well may be nigh unintelligible.

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