Posted by: beansai | June 4, 2007

Writer’s block already?

I have to admit that when it comes to posting a review on a book there are so many varied interpretations as to what a review should include that I find myself struggling with it. I feel that if the review is too personal then it will not provide an effective example of the merits of the work in the technical and literary aspects, but if it is too impersonal and objective, then does it lack a little flare and uniqueness? I confess that I am stumped and find myself frustrated with every review that I have written to the point that I don’t want to post it. Perhaps I am being too self-critical and expecting too much from a free, self-run blog. I’ll have to think on it and continue to edit and revise what I have written until I am, if not happy, at least pacified with one of the reviews. Hopefully I will have one coming soon enough.



  1. I feel like I am constantly chiseling through writer’s block with my comics and blog posts. I do the same thing you describe here, and analyze every aspect. Finally, I give up and just post something… anything lol Good luck with your writer’s block. I know how painful it can be.

  2. When Atomac first got up and running I found it very helpful to write about many different topics at first rather than sticking to one. It helped me get into a groove. I think it would be pretty neat to see some life stories and pictures here on LitBit besides just strict Lit reviews.

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