Posted by: beansai | June 17, 2007

I had this plan…

My other hobbies aside from reading and writing are painting, drawing, knitting, crocheting, stitching and other stuff. The other day I was setting up my new pretty easel that I had bought about a month ago (and had yet to use) in order to start a painting of my niece for my mom. Well I had this kick ass set up going and everything was looking real nice so my roomie and friend Skunkie told me to take pictures and post a blog about it. Well here is the blog, but like a total dumbass, I accidentally deleted the pics from my camera. I know…what a dumb. So that is the story. I am now waiting for the paint to dry so I can continue with other layers (I’m using oil paints) and when I set up again to continue on I will take more pictures, NOT erase them, and then post them here for all you wonderful people to see.



  1. I can’t wait! I have a tough time painting. My technique is awful due to my impatience (also my lack of natural skill), but I have an undying love for a good painting. Looking at other’s work is the best 😀

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