Posted by: beansai | July 3, 2007

Spare Change

The copper colored penny
shifted in my mouth,
reacting to the movement
of my seven year old tongue.
I savored the metallic blood taste of money,
until I swallowed Lincoln’s head
and nearly choked.  Mom and Dad
were in another room, they didn’t know
this happened.

Now spare change is only for spending.
* Just a fun lil piece I did while being bored to death at work.  Hope you enjoy.



  1. Ok, WordPress was giving me a hard time logging in using the new Safari 3 beta…but I got it all figured out. 😉
    Anywho, I always enjoy reading the poetry you create while you are at work. They are a little more playful than your usual poetry, but do not mistake that for me saying they are better. Your poetry is always thoughtful with a very distinct style.
    How was that for a comment. 😛

  2. nice…hehe and thank you. 🙂

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