Posted by: beansai | July 10, 2007


*This isn’t the poem I was trying to post last night, but another lil something I did while at work. Hope you enjoy.
Windex was our weapon
of mass destruction.  The goal
was black ant genocide. They marched
along mauve carpet that was falling
into disrepair.
Curled bodies of the deceased
littered the areas of chemical wet.
Drowning in bubbles seems
like an unpleasant death.
I am the murderer that engages
my campaign on the unsuspecting
race that is simply trying to find
a new abode, since their mound
has been destroyed by another.
Guilt gnaws at me, though I refuse
to admit defeat, even though I keep
my feet off of the ground. I was allergic
to ants once. Back in the days
when I still wore plastic diapers.
I don’t recall the welts or swelling
of my two year old body’s reaction to their
attack.  The point is not that I sat
on the ant-hole entrance.
I watch from God’s-eye-view
as they lift their dead from the battle-
field with the strength ten times
their size.  I envy their community
and their drive.
They swarm the floors and I
casually watch, unable to convince
myself of the need to reach
again for the Windex.  It doesn’t
spray downwards very well anyway.



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