Posted by: beansai | August 11, 2007


At the moment I am in the process of reading a couple of books and that is why I haven’t gotten any reviews up for you guys the past few days, but in the meantime I have also been working on getting other stuff up on Lit Bit, like screenshots of my desktop on my iMac. Here is my current setup:


The first pic is of the desktop in which I am using the wallpaper: My Refuge by Kid Karma from Mac Themes. I’ve been keeping my desktops pretty simple lately and as uncluttered as possible. The second is a screenshot of Dashboard on my Mac. I will try and keep up a monthly screenshot and eventually each picture I post will link you back to my Picasa Web Albums which will have all previous screenshots as well. If you ever want to know where to pick up a wallpaper, just leave me a comment and if I can, I will link you. Well, this is all my bloggin’s for today. Hope everyone has had a good one!



  1. Nice desktop bean. I have been watching that “Kid Karma” guy at MacThemes. I seemed to have missed this one, or it was a color variation of one I didn’t think I would like. Ok and now I am just rambling. Anyways. very nice setup. 🙂

  2. Thanks. 🙂

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