Posted by: beansai | August 24, 2007

In loving memory….

Last year on August 17th I learned that my Dad’s mom, my grandmother Carmen had passed away. She was 83 years old and had lived a good long life. Her death was a bit of a shock, because we figured she still had a few more years left, but in the end, we came to terms with her passing, knowing that she would no longer suffer with her diabetes and constantly deteriating eyesight.

A couple of days later I made the drive from Arizona to El Paso, Texas where she lived and where the funeral would take place, with my two dogs Princess and Precious. Having lived alone for awhile, they had become like my babies, and though I often shared them with my parents (because they were technically their dogs), I considered them mine. We made the ten hour trip without event and almost immediately after getting to my grandmother’s house, I had to turn around and attend the funeral.

That night the family gathered back at her house and spent a good deal of time there reminiscing. As a result of a crowded house (my dad is one of seven kids) the dogs were left outside because they are apt to jump on people and lick them uncontrollably. Seeing the formality of the circumstances, my mom thought it was better to let them roam the backyard. She made sure to block up any spots that the dogs might squeeze through.

After everyone had gone home my mom went outside to let the dogs in and came in saying she couldn’t find Precious. We found one of the heavy bricks knocked down where she had covered a gap in the fence where the dogs MIGHT escape (in all honesty the gap was much too small for either of the dogs to fit through without being forced), but alas, Precious was nowhere in the backyard or surrounding neighborhood.

We never were able to find Precious and this has been weighing heavily on my mind for the past few days. So I decided to post this little memorial to her and my Grandmother (perhaps some people would find this crude to couple the pup with a grandma, but I couldn’t choose one over the other or mention one without mentioning the other). There are pictures of Precious linked to the photo below. Unfortunately I do not have any photos of my grandma on my computer.

I miss them both very much, but the loss of Precious bothers me so much, because we don’t know what happened to her….I hope, against all odds, that someone is taking care of her….I hope….



  1. I only got to meet Precious twice if I remember correctly, and she was a character. my heart goes to her. I remember that day she disappeared from the backyard and you called me. She is always in the back of mind.

    And of course my heart goes to you for the loss of your grandmother.

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