Posted by: beansai | August 30, 2007

The inevitable…

Well, it has come and closed (for me anyway), the first week of classes.  I must admit that the first day of classes, the first week, the first homework assignments, and all the other firsts of the school year always stress me out excessively.  And this is what I blame my lack of presence at Lit Bit on. 

Aside from being overwhelmed with the general buzz of adapting to a new schedule with the beginning of the Fall Semester, my brain is also about ready to explode with content intake it already has to accommodate so early on in the semester.  The reality is, it honestly isn’t any more than any other semester, but each always seems the successor of the previous semester out of sheer force of its undeniable presence.  I find it easier to look back and say it wasn’t so bad, than to take that attitude when I’m actually confronted with daunting syllabi and lists of outrageously over-priced textbooks.

I figured though, I would at least keep everyone up to speed with what is going on with me, so that when I refer to it later on, I won’t have to go into long detail to explain.  So for my devoted reader’s benefit this is my schedule for classes:


    4:00pm-6:30pm Intermediate Poetry 

Tuesday and Thursday:

     8:00am-9:15am Spanish Conversation

    9:35am-10:50am Rhetoric

    12:45pm-2:00pm British Lit.


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