Posted by: beansai | September 5, 2007

Wake-up Call

8 A.M. and my alarm is droning in the background of dreams, until finally my brain registers that it is  my signal for waking up.  Well, having endured a lack of sleep in general the last few weeks, I just couldn’t bring myself to get up sooo early, when my class wasn’t for another couple of hours.  So I decide to reset the alarm and take an extra hour of sleep.

I was quickly ushered back into that always odd, yet inviting land of sleep.  As I soundly enjoyed my extra hour of sleep with a pillow over my face, I was completely oblivious to everything else (naturally and I’m also a hard sleeper).  Well about 15 minutes before my alarm was set to go off, a black/grey/white ball of curly fuzz that weighs around 9 pounds rambles up and plops down on the pillow that is covering my face.

The extra strain on my neck and the slight movements on my head cause me to try to open my eyes, but they are reluctant.  I’m simply conscious of my Yorkie/Poodle Princess sitting on my head and pawing into the pillow that my face is sheltered beneath.  My body is still catatonic at this point from being woken up in the midst of dreams.

Princess won’t stand for my laziness though, she’s ready to get up and greet the day.  And she lets me know this by stretching across the pillow and scooting along until her head is hanging down from above.  From there she sticks her face into my air-hole that I always have (well, I am human and must breathe) and proceeds to incessantly lick my face until I make an effort to get up.

I had to laugh, despite being interrupted of my repose.  She is always so cute and playful in the morning.  It’s this time of day when the puppy comes out in her despite her age of 6 years (which I don’t think is old, but she’s not a pup).  So, after such coaxing, how I could I resist getting up and goofing off with her for a little bit before I had to get ready for class. 



  1. It’s funny that she does that to you. When sleeping in PolyVector and my room she just lays there on the floor on a pile of clothes. I wonder if it is completely due to the fact that we don’t cover our heads with pillows.

  2. Sometimes she’ll come and sleep on my head even when I don’t have a pillow over me. She doesn’t lay directly on my face, but she does lay at the crown of my head. She probably does it because I let her. Haha, my parents would be horrified, but I think it’s cute. And she usually only does it in the mornings when I should be getting up anyway.

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