Posted by: beansai | September 10, 2007

Some new toys…

Yesterday, while I was at Target with my buddies Skunkie and Polyvector, we were hanging around the video game isle. They were looking at games for their Wii and their Xbox 360, debating on whether or not to get something. Then there was me, hanging out over by the Nintendo DS section. I stood their squirming with inner conflict, arguing with myself the pros and cons and shoulds and shouldn’ts of getting a DS. I’ve wanted one for awhile, but I have issues committing that amount of money to a toy essentially (a very nice toy yes, but still, a toy). So my mean logical brain was pounding my brain with the word “no!”, while my fun side that felt like spending money and having something new and fun was screaming “yes!” in my ear. I think I stood in front of the casing with all the games and the systems for about 20-30 minutes.

Well, I finally gave in and bought myself a new pretty Red Nintendo DS. I bought a pack that came with the DS (and it’s standard necesities), a cute little holding case, and the new Brain Age 2 game. I also bought Yoshi’s Island. Of course the first thing I did when we got home from the store was open up the box (which was a challenge in itself) and rifle through all the little booklets and goodies that came along with it. Skunkie was there to help me unwrap the games and figure the slight oddity of a holding case ad ooo and aaahhhh over everything. After we sufficiently figured out what everything was and how it all worked, I went and plugged it in to charge. A couple of hours later I was good to go.

I went through and set everything up, like the date, my birthday, the time, username, all that. Then I piddle around with the main screen and looked at my different options. Then I had to play a game of course. I started off with Yoshi’s Island, because it looked so darn cute. Well, my expectations were exceeded for that game. It is disgustingly cute, but in a completely tolerable way. I love it. You can use the stylus for it if you like, but you don’t have to. I chose to just use the buttons, because that felt more natural to me, plus the fear of competely ruining my touch screen the first day I had it. Later I played Brain Age and it was very cute (stylus necessary). It is a very interactive game (it even makes you speak into it for rock paper scissors). While I liked Brain Age 2, it is one of those games that you can’t play for extended periods of time, because there just isn’t that much to do with it, and I understand that it isn’t meant for extended game play, rather for a few minutes everyday. So I was very happy that I made the decision to get another game as well.

My biggest annoyance with the system so far though, is that any time you enter into a game or the settings options, when you want to quit, you have to completely turn the system off. This doesn’t make any sense to me, seeing as how there is a main page that it could return to first. For example, I wanted to check some of the settings and make sure everything was the way I wanted before starting Yoshi, but after I did that, instead of taking me back to the main page (I can’t think of a better word for it right now, though I know there is one) it only gives me the option to shutdown the system or not and stay in that section. Well, since I was done doing the settings (which I didn’t actually change any), I wanted to play Yoshi, but first I was required to shutdown and turn it back on. This just doesn’t make sense to me. I think I turned it off and on about six or seven times (if not more) last night, just in the couple hours of play and setting it up. To me, this seems like an unecessary and insufficient means of doing things.

Well enough about all that; here is a pic of the bundle of fun that came into my possession yesterday:

UPDATE: On Tuesday I was having a blah day, so that evening I decided to head back on over to Target and pick up a better case and another game.  I bought The New Super Mario Brothers game and a hard case that came with some extra goodies.  I had originally wanted a soft case, but the one that came with the goodies I wanted didn’t actually completely encase the DS, the sides were still open.  Well, if you know me, you know that isn’t a good idea.  I want a case to protect my DS from myself…haha.  So I found one that so far is doing great.  Perhaps it is a bit chunkier than I would have wanted, but no biggy for the time being.

The Mario Brothers game is a lot of fun.  The graphics are great and it is a great new twist on a classic game.  At first I wasn’t too fond of the music, but now i’ve gotten used to it.  There are still musical quips from the original, but the over all music seems to be a variant or tangent of the original soundtrack.  It has been a blast to play so far with plenty of levels and tons of minigames to play (which you don’t have to unlock).  There is a mode to have two players, but of course that means you need someone else with a DS to play with.  I find it tough enough, but not so hard that I get overwhelmingly frustrated.  Since I’ve never been very good at video games, this is a huge plus with me.


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