Posted by: beansai | September 20, 2007


I’ve been feeling a bit guilty and deprived in regards to my blog lately. I haven’t been around to post since school has begun and though I want to, I can’t seem to find anything to blog about. Not seriouslly anyway. I know, I know, I try to remind myself that this is just a blog and doesn’t have to be literary journal content all the time, but I have really wanted a place for myself to express this repressed literary angle of my life. Today though, as I was reading through the blogs of some of my friends, I found myself missing my own, sad, little, neglected blog as of late. I really want to pump some life back into it and I know toward the end of this month and into October I will have a lot coming up to write about, but for now I’m a bit stagnant…or more distracted. Sometimes I would just love to hang up the necessities of life on the coat rack that doesn’t exist in my apartment and focus on the aspects of life I really love. Like my family, friends (also my roommates), my dog (and my rommates’ dogs), the books I read, writing, artwork, learning (without the pressure of grades and unreasonable parental expectations), and stuff like that. But that will have to wait and as for now, I will make an effort to come around more often here on Lit Bit and at the very least entertain everyone (or no one) with the mundane details of my life.


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