Posted by: beansai | September 26, 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction

Last night Skunkie, Polyvector, and I went to see the third installment of the Resident Evil movies.  Now I’m not a huge gamer and the few games I do play, I happen to suck at.  My roommies on the other hand are huge gamers (at least in my eyes since I don’t personally know anyone that games more than they do). 

The first time I ever saw one of the Resident Evil video games was watching Polyvector play RE4 after it came out.  To be honest, it scared the shit out of me and I think I screamed as much watching Poly play as I would had the game actually been a reality.  I’m a huge sissy when it comes to these kind of games.  I tried playing Gears of War once with Skunkie and the result was me screaming at dead bodies that couldn’t hurt me in the game (they were just part of the scenery) and spinning recklessly and accidentally shooting Skunkie.  Needless to say I have avoided these types of games (heck even the Legend of Zelda makes me scream sometimes when I play) and anything else that is associated with them. 

So when it came to the RE movies, I avoided those too, because they looked too scary for the likes of me.  Well after living with Skunkie and Poly for awhile, I’ve toughened up an itty bitty bit.  They naturally own both RE movies that have been made and so I sat down and watched those with them one day.  Surprisingly I didn’t find the movies nearly as scary as they had seemed.  Sure, they had some jump value to them, but overall, not bad.

Now I’ve come to really enjoy the movies (and even watching as someone plays the game, though it still makes me scream), so when Extinction came out this last Friday I had an urge to go see it.  After poking Skunkie all day yesterday to go and see it, we finally decided absolutely last minute to rush to the theater for the last showing of the day.

Well we made it in to the movie on time (nachos, icee, soda, and candy in hand) and nestled right into some seats in the front section where you have to bend your neck back to see the screen.  My biggest complaint about movie-going these days is how ridiculously loud theaters think they need to play the films.  Skunkie stuffed her ears with napkins, Poly had his hood over his head, and I had my hood over my head and my fingers in my ears through the entire movie.  Fingers in the ears left it at just the right volume.

So, after all this blabbing, I’m sure you’re wondering how the movie was… Well I have to admit I was a bit disappointed.  It seemed like such a transitional movie, the bridge movie between the previous one and the one that is to come (it ends in a way that leaves you without a doubt that another one will be on the way).  I just kept waiting for the movie to really start and when it finally seemed like it was going to really hit the action and we were gonna see some insane fighting scenes, they ended the movie.

While the two previous films also had open endings, there was at least a sense of a beginning, middle, and end to them.  This one was all middle though.  It never really seemed to start and it didn’t really end either.  The movie itself wasn’t even that frightening either and honestly some aspects of the story line just seem ridiculous.  We left the theater laughing at how bad it was and in anticipation of seeing an army of Alices.

Will we go see the other RE movies that are bound to come out?  Maybe.  It is more likely that we will just wait until they are out on video though.   



  1. Oh come now, PolyVector and I have seen every RE movie in theaters despite our must-buy-when-out-on-dvd attitude. So of course we’ll go see the next one (and the one after etc), even though we might fight the urge the first few days it is out. 😀

  2. Haha!

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