Posted by: beansai | September 27, 2007

Pins and Needles

I had a dream this morning, well it was more like a nightmare.  I found myself piling into a car behind the wheel and my dad and, I think, a grandpa of mine (though I can’t really remember anymore).  We were supposed to follow my aunt Debbie and my cousin Heather in their cars.  Well they bolt off, driving high speeds and of course there I am trying to keep up.

I’m right behind them in the right lane of a badly lit street, then all of a sudden they veer off to the right and catch this side road that I didn’t even see until they were on it.  All this time I am still speeding like crazy, trying to figure out how to get to them.  Somehow I end up in the left lane and I miss another entrance that would have connected to the road that my aunt and cousin were on.

At this point the roads deviate from each other and they are out of sight.  My goal at this point becomes finding the next exit so I can turn around and catch back up with them.  Meanwhile I am still driving really fast and the road turns into mountain curves and I’m right on someone’s tail to the point I pull half way into the oncoming lane so I don’t hit them.  Naturally cars start coming from the other direction.

So I have my brake pedal to the floor and we hardly seem to be slowing down, only enough so that we don’t hit the van in front of us.  The problem now is that I can’t see the road and the curves that are coming.  For a moment we are on a sharp curve that veers right and suddenly it switches directions.

Because I couldn’t anticipate the turn, I react too late.  I pull a sharp left, but it’s useless.  My car crashes through the guardrail without a sound as though we were flying through a cloud.  Now my car is spinning, slightly, and everything is quiet, except my dad.

Don’t worry, he’s not screaming in fear or panic, no.  He’s exasperrated that I made such a stupid mistake.  He seems hardly phased at all that we are flying through the air and likely going to die.  He’s just downright annoyed.  My grandpa (or whoever he is) is silent, and so am I.  All I can think is “Please let there be ground right beneath us so we have a chance of living”. 

Then the car drops and I feel my stomache lurch upward into my throat and realization hits: We are going to die, without a doubt.  At this point in the dream, I wake up.  My body feels numb, except for the pain all over.  It feels like the flu, when it hurts to let anything touch your skin, when you feel like your entire body is on pins and needles…that shooting pain after a limb wakes up after not getting enough bloodflow.

I hate these kind of dreams that leave physical remnants upon waking.  Not to mention the mental wreck they make me for the rest of the day, because I just can’t seem to get the feeling of “I’m going to die” out of my head.



  1. That is shocking/terrible/amazing/scary… I know this was last year and you may never even reply to my comment, but i know exactly what you mean. The last time i had a dream like that it involved three very big, very black, very crazy dogs chasing me…i can’t remember the rest of the dream, but those dogs still haunt me.

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