Posted by: beansai | September 28, 2007

Poem exercises

I have a few poems here after doing some writing exercises. They haven’t been revised or anything…in fact I only just finished writing them. Since their structure isn’t anything complicated, I am just going to post them directly here on Lit Bit. Now aren’t all you Lit Bit readers the lucky ducks, dA doesn’t get these ones. Critiques are always appreciated, but never mandatory ;). I honestly don’t know how I feel about these. I don’t feel great about them, but I’ve been feeling compelled to write and struggling to find topics to write about. I also believe in posting the good with the bad (not the ridiculously horrible though), because there is always potential to receive outside perspectives on pieces and I know I’m only human and bound to have “off” days. Anyway, enough rambling from my tired brain, here are the few poems I have for you this evening:

Easter Sunday

Bundling my five pounds
into a tattered shoe-box,
you settled me into concrete
steps in front of the hospital;
then you left. Goodbye Mother.

*A short poem of parting exercise

Floral Print (working title)

While I was at Mom’s house,
sifting through old garbage
bags of my childhood clothes,
I came across the peach shirt/
shorts set, with little white
flowers, that Abuelita Carmen
hand-sewed for me when I was six.

Her funeral was just last year.
Startled at how small I had been,
I couldn’t help but think
that there was no reversing
my aging process, not even chemical
miracles will keep me from dying…
someday, someday.

*A poem of an object that reminds me of my own mortality exercise
* Abuelita = little grandmother in spanish

Summer at Seventeen

Grandma and I piled
onto the couch in the motor-
home, while you drove
the oversized beast. She taught
me how to crochet that summer and you
hugged me as though we
were really family. You had replaced
the grandfathers that were alive,
but hardly knew me. I’ve missed
your kind smile and quiet hugs
these seven years
that you’ve been gone. And Grandma
still cries from the burning image
of you, decimated by cancer,
sleeping in the living room.

*An unexpected elegy poem exercise (not sure if I did this one quite to the specifications)

I also forgot to mention that all of these poems were based on exercises in a section of the book that has to do with loss, so that is the reason for their…uuuhhh…heavy subject matter.



  1. I really like them! Great writing about loss…sometimes so hard to write about and really capture. And I like it when you post poems on this site too.

  2. Thank you. “In the Palm of your Hands” has been a great book for getting me to sit down and write. After our poetry class this summer I decided to start it from the beginning and work my way through it. Unfortunately when this semester started I laid it aside, but I’m looking forward to picking it back up again. šŸ™‚

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