Posted by: beansai | September 29, 2007

Halo 3 Adventures

What?!  Willow plays Halo?  Nope, I sure don’t, but Skunkie and Polyvector do!  Yesterday when I went to check the mail, there in our lovely little box was Skunkie and Polvector’s Halo 3 game, snuggly wrapped in cardboard.  This was the only thing with any value to it in the mail that day.  I of course grabbed it and ran back to the apartment and woke up the household (yes, Poly and Skunkie were still sleeping even though it was nearly 4 in the afternoon). 

I figured they would want to know right away that the game had come, since it was a bit slow in getting here.  The thing is, they had pre-ordered Halo 3 from, because our Target and Walmart tend to be a bit shady on their availability of games, but ‘lo and behold, come the release of Halo 3, both stores have plenty in stock and our copy from Amazon had yet to arrive.  So it was a happy morning/afternoon/evening (depending on when you wake up).

Well, after waking them, there was no going back to sleep, so I made a run to Target to pick some stuff up, including some soda for a caffeine supply to sustain a Halo 3 marathon.  I hurried back and they needed just a bit more time to wake up before tackling Halo, plus that would give the soda some time to get nice and crispy cold.

Soon enough Poly and Skunkie were making their way through the game on legendary mode and I was nothing more than a humble by-stander.  Not that I mind.  I did enough yelping in startlement to suffice the need to actually experience Halo 3 first hand.  I also obnoxiously lended obvious information, like “Skunkie (or Polyvector) is dead”, “the sniper that just killed you came from the left”, “don’t jump off the cliff and kill yourself Poly!”,”Marker! Follow it!”, and such.

So, how was the gameplay?  Well, being nothing more than a spectator, it was interesting enough to watch, though it did lag occassionally when Polyvector would decide to go off course and try to commandeer a ghost or some other mode of transportation and in the process of it all they both die and have to start that section all over again.  It is definitely a pretty looking game, with all the scenery and everything.  I know I only saw the tip of it, since I had to go to sleep early because of work in the morning, but from what I saw, it was neat.  The bad guys were scary looking enough, though their voices and the things they said often made them comical (in my opinion at least).

I told Skunkie I would play Halo with her sometime on easy mode.  The real challenge is mastering the controls.  Somehow the dual joysticks, one controlling where you look the other which way you walk, always manages to defeat me.  I just end up walking one way and looking the opposite way and then dying because I can’t see what’s coming and I’m too freaked out and confused to see what is behind me.  But I still think I’ll give Halo 3 a try.   


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