Posted by: beansai | October 5, 2007


The switching of months has made life seem like things are disconnected from their dates.  Every day is fluidly running into the next, just like each week runs together, and each month (and each year, now that I think of it).  Now things that only happened a matter of days ago seem blurry and distant, while others that happened months ago seem like yesterday.  My concept of time is jostled in frustration and sadness, leaving me confused and struggling to get a grip on a timeline that isn’t congruent with my inner existence.

Sometimes I strive with my tendencies toward daily routines and habitual lifestyle, but other times, it only seems to encourage the lucid flow of one day into the next, distorting those clear-cut lines I depend so much on. I’m sifting my way through the bleary-eyed confusion, wondering which way I should be heading.  And I still don’t know, don’t know.


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