Posted by: beansai | October 12, 2007


Well, I haven’t personally done anything for halloween in YEARS! Pretty much when I hit around 16, my parents considered me too old to really do anything for that day (though I didn’t think that way! How often do you get to dress up as whatever you want and run around and be a dumbass?) So, I am well out of practice on getting excited about some “holidays” like October 31st, but this year while I was walking around Target one day, ‘lo and behold, there were these adorable costumes for dogs. That’s right, I said DOGS. So I just had to buy one for my lil pooch Princess:

Here is Princess as an adorable Lady Bug. Yes, it is a bit early to be dressing up, but I figured what the heck. I know I always hated as a kid only getting to wear my costume for one day, so who’s not to say that Princess wouldn’t be upset as well? Besides, she loves dressing up and she got so excited when I showed her the costume, that I just had to put it on her and take some pictures.

Aside from just the Halloween costume, I have also bought Princess a couple of other outfits:

This is a cute lil sundress that I bought at the end of the summer for a few bucks on sale at Target (who would have thought that Target has such cute things for the pups!) and:

A super soft sweater for when it gets cold here that I bought at PetsMart. She loves snuggling up in this thing, even though she swims in it a bit (small was too small, but medium is a touch too big; oh well).

Well that is all that I have for today. All the photos link back to the Picasa Web Album that has the rest of the pictures from Princess’s new clothes collection, don’t forget to check them out (click on the sundress picture to start from the beginning of the new photos), I must say that there are some rather cute ones of her 😀



  1. Princess looks adorable in her Halloween costume. I hope you take her to at least the neighbors. Too bad we don’t get many kids around here. Would be kid of a neat thing to see Princess wiggle at them dressed as a Lady Bug. 😀

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