Posted by: beansai | October 24, 2007

CA Wildfires

Once I found time between school and work, I started looking up news on the Southern California fires.  My roommates and myself are all from the San Diego area and we all grew up there.  This means that we all still have friends and family that live over there.

Obviously the extent of the fires is a huge concern, so my roommates have been checking pretty much everyday to make sure their families are safe.  My parents have likewise been calling friends from the area (and friends from Arizona that have family over there) to make sure that everyone is safe.  The people that I would have called are my two roommates who moved to Arizona last year to share an apartment with me, so I feel a bit sheepish, as though I don’t care about anyone, though I know plenty of people that live over there.

But life happens, and the majority of the people I once knew, I am no longer in contact with.  So the best I can do is hope that everyone is safe.  These events definitely make me a bit sad and I can’t help but hope that my childhood home doesn’t burn down. 

I know, how irrational.  It’s just a house that I haven’t lived in for years, but for me, it is that place of stability, where I was more myself.  I can’t remember much of our home prior to that house, and the years after in Arizona didn’t keep that stability, that hominess that I loved growing up.

So all this has me thinking and it definitely brings to light the high possibility we have of fires where we live now in the mountains, where it has likewise been fairly dry with high winds.  So remember peeps, keep those chimnies clean and don’t go lighting camp fires in areas that are not approved or zoned for them and DO NOT throw cigarette butts out of the car window (that is why we invented ash trays).  If you don’t care about smoking in your car, then the freakin butt can just wait in the ash tray until you get to your destination or a rest stop and properly dispose of it.

On another note about the CA fires, Skunkie over at posted an interesting article about Fox News saying that there is potential that Al Queda started the fires. 

Personally…I think the idea is a bit far-fetched.  It was an interesting read though.  I didn’t get to watch the clip (because I’m at *cough*work*cough*), but I did read through every single comment on the article and it was very interesting to see how people responded to this kind of news.  So take a gander about it all if you have the time.



  1. Blaming the fires on terrorists is completely ridiculous and sick….But here is a fun article blaming it on Environmentalists:

  2. Yes, interesting article. And I’m going to blame all those weeds still growing like crazy in my front yard on them too. A little weird, but silly. I’m really enjoying your blog! I’m glad you’re still writing poems.

  3. @Skunkie – So I read that other article you linked to as well and it just didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. But…yeah. The comments on the other hand were just as hilarious as last time. I can’t believe how worked up some of them get…it makes me laugh, whether I agree with them or not. 🙂

    @Jill – I suppose it is nice having a universal scapegoat for us…hehe. I’ll make sure to utilize that excuse next time I miss one of my classes for no particular reason :). I’m glad you enjoy Lit Bit, because I must admit that I enjoy it as well. Who knew blogging could be so addictive. I’m also glad to see that you are back to your blogging as well.

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