Posted by: beansai | October 27, 2007


For my poetry class this week we had to write a syllabic poem…you know, the kind where you can only have so many syllables per line…we didn’t do anything so formal as iambic pentameter or anything like that.  We just had to have a chosen odd number of syllables per line, plus a few other minor rules.  Well, I suck at that kind of poetry, it’s never been my prefered method of writing.  So I wrote one fantabulously crap poem and turned it in.  Of course I’m not actually happy with what I turned in, but no going back now.  But since I’m bored here at work and trying not to focus on the fact that my stomach is churning unpleasantly and I feel like I’m going to puke, I decided to write another syllabic poem in case by some weird turn of fate, I’d have the option to turn in a different one.  So here is my second craptastic syllabic poem (untitled as of yet):

It is always the little
things that get to me, ya know?
Like that time you didn’t say
hello when I got home late,
though you already knew how
bad my day had been. I left
then, hoping you would notice,
but as usual I don’t
exist, except in silence.
I’d feel better and much less
guilty if you just called me
a bitch. Then there would be no
reason for me to believe
I was imagining things.

Now I sit here, mentally
constipated, just wishing
to projectile vomit words.

*Meh, I don’t really like this one either and I think it is sad that it is potentially better than the other.  But..whatever… And obviously I have vomit on the mind considering I’ve referred to it four times now in one post…haha…blah.


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