Posted by: beansai | November 2, 2007

New DS Lite Goodies

Yesterday and today I received a couple of goodies for my Nintendo DS Lite in the mail. One was a free feather stylus from Nintendo (I got it for filling out a short survey about the new Legend of Zelda DS game). So without further ado here is the new pretty stylus:

It came in a pretty little Zelda themed box. You can see more pics if you click on this pic.Since I am on a stylus theme here, I will post a couple more pics of some other styli (?) I have picked up in the couple months I have had my DS. I bought these two fatty styli with some screen protectors:

This next set is one that came with my DS (the black one) and the other is an extendable stylus that came with the first case I bought:

Here are the new cases that I got as a pack:

This one is just a single pack to hold just the DS with a small pocket on the back that can hold a few games.

This is my current game collection. I am hoping to add a few more games to it soon:

Well those are all the photos I am gonna post here on Lit Bit for now. There are a buttload though on my Picasa Web Albums that show the beautiful innards. I bought this new case from Pacific Design and so far I like it a bunch, but I haven’t had it for very long. Well, I am off to play some March of the Minis or Yoshi’s Island or something on my purty DS. 🙂



  1. Your new case is better than I thought it was going to be from the product pictures. I expected it to be much more purse like I am pleasantly surprised.

    Oh and I really like the Feather Stylus!

  2. Maybe because I am a bit of a purse collector, I never really saw the purse look in this…I’ve read other comments that said the same thing about it though. I am definitely happy with the new case. I was worried, since I didn’t get to see it in person first, but it works well.

    The feather stylus is awesome. I’m not sure that I’d ever really use it, but it looks so damn pretty. All the more reason not to dirty it with my chubby little greasey fingers.

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