Posted by: beansai | November 2, 2007

Real California April

I want to be gently

pasteurized, like my organic

milk, with the red carton

and cartoon cow in green

flowing fields, Horizon.  This 

is what pasteurize brings 

to mind:  

Soft breezes

in tall grass, mild in touch,

unlike the mowed blades

of my childhood, that cut

the skin like paper and itched

even through pants

and long sleeves.  


that is where I want to be,

with the clarity of sun-crisp skies.

I want to be pasturized, my skin

smelling thickly of earth and absorbed

rays, in that harmless, ignorant

way.  Hair streaked with blonde,

scented by my wild flower chain

on the crown of my head. 


Great cheese

comes from a happy April, no wait…

from happy cows.  I’d like to be

a happy cow then. 



  1. […] writing and getting a few poems posted a month.  I’ve already got one up, just a little something  I wrote this evening.  Hehe, I hope you enjoy that as well as my November Screenshots.  That […]

  2. nice! I like it.

  3. Thank you. 🙂

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