Posted by: beansai | November 14, 2007

Do you go used?

The last gaming system…of any kind (handheld or console)…that I bought or received prior to my DS Lite, was my Nintendo 64. So jumping back into gaming land after years of not needing to buy any games, I am back in the market, always looking for new stuff. The problem I am facing now, is that I have gotten onto the DS wagon a couple years late. So when I search for information on the different games out there, I come across ones I would love to have and that others say are a lot of fun. What’s the problem then? Well, I can’t seem to find any of these games to purchase new.

A GameStop recently opened up a few miles away from where we live and Skunkie and Polyvectore came home and told me of all the Nintendo DS games they had. They said that there were even used games for sale. Call me a snob, but I prefer my games new if I can help it and afford it. I bought a few used games back in the day for my Nintendo 64, but those didn’t always work out well. Now I’m at a stalemate and can’t seem to decide if going used is really worth it. Most of the games are only about 5 bucks off the original prices, so I don’t think it is a big deal to spend that extra five bucks. Except that I can’t find them.

When I went there and did find some of the games I’ve been wanting, in the used section, I carried them around with me in the store debating. One thing that really bothered me, was the fact that the case was really sticky…ew. If the case is this gross, then what is the game like? How do I know that there isn’t gunk stuck on the game cartridge? I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t committ to a potentially worthless game. Not all the games were this way of course, and there were multiples for resale of some of the other games I wanted, but for the time being I was scared away. So now I want to know, if any of you that game…console or handheld…buy used or are you a game snob like me and enjoy being the first one to ever use that game?



  1. Recently, I bought REmake from Game Crazy. With Poly and Skunkie’s store credit, the price was really low. W/out the credit I would have paid $11.69; not bad considering that the game goes for around $19.99… that is if you can find it in a brick-and-mortar store. There were stickers all over the case, but other than that, the game ran perfectly and the booklet was in decent shape.
    My own used game rules are:
    01. Buy used if your list of to-plays is long and/or expensive.
    02. Buy used if you know the game will have minimum replay value to you.
    03. Don’t buy used if the game is part of an important collection.
    04. Don’t buy used if the game is a cartrige. (I’ve never had luck with that).
    05. Don’t buy used if the thought of germs gives you the shakes and an impulse to run a blacklight over the case.

  2. LOL. That is a good set of rules to go by, and I think, so far in this case, I’m coming up more under the set of “Don’t buy”s. Maybe I’ll just have to keep looking around online for the games I want…and as a last result give used a go…who knows.

  3. My rues are pretty simple when it comes to used (believe it or not a few games in Polyvector’s and y game collection are used):

    1. The price difference between a used copy versus a new copy.
    2. How rare the game is.

    The rules are actually in no particular order, more like guidelines really. rare games I am more lenient towards getting used, for the obvious reason of not being able to find it new. And of course if the decision to go used is made for a normal game then the price difference is always taken into consideration.

    One thing to look out for when buying used is to always ask to see the disc before purchase to see how damaged it is. Most stores have a no return policy due to piracy, but sometimes (like at Game Crazy) they do accept returns if the disc will not play in your console.

    As far as used DS games go, this is still new to me. DS games are very similar to flash cards, and I am still learning what wear and tear those kinds of things can take.

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