Posted by: beansai | December 2, 2007

Shame on me…

Tis the season for giving right? Well, don’t be mad at me, but I gave a li’l something to myself…okay, so a couple of li’l somethings to myself 🙂 . Last night I was just kinda feeling cooped up and blah, so I decided that my roomies and I needed to make a quick trip to the Game Stop just a few miles from where we live. Well of course, I can’t go in there and NOT buy something (and neither can they for the record) for my Nintendo DS. So I much prefer to think of it as buying my DS Lite a present and not myself. HAH! Anyway, I ended up buying Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time (which I had to snatch up since it is extremely difficult to find new (and they only had one copy)). Then I also bought WordJong, a loveable mix of two things I love…words and MahJong! I’ve played WordJong a few times already since last night, and I’m having a blast. It is one of those games that will keep me going for awhile. So of course, I’m going to share the pics of my new games with you:

Now The Simpsons game is in the picture too, because I bought it a few weeks agao, but never got around to mentioning it, so I figured I would just bundle it in here too.

So, what is the big deal about these new games? Well, it isn’t anything major, but I now have enough games to fill up my cases for my games. I only bought one pack of three cases (each holding three games), but I still consider it a milestone. So here is a lovely pic of my entire game collection for my DS Lite:

Lately my blog has been very DS intensive…I know. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1) The novelty of my DS still hasn’t worn off, which makes me really happy, because I feel justified spending the money I did on it. It’s always a gamble with this kind of stuff, especially for borderliners like me, as to whether or not they will use it enough to justify the money put into it. I’m happy to say that I do. 2) School has been coming to crunch time and it’s a lot easier on the brain to play a few games or watch a movie rather than read another book outside of class or write poetry. It’s that wonderful draining time of the year. So, essentially, my motivation has been lacking in the literature department. Hopefully, come winter break, I will get a chance to settle in and read a book or two. Though this may be difficult if my four year old niece is around. 🙂 Welp, I hope you enjoyed this fairly pointless post. I think I’m off to go try out Mario and Luigi!


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