Posted by: beansai | December 5, 2007

All the happenings in the world…

    I’ve never been very good about keeping up to date on the current events and happenings of the world. I’m horrible about reading/watching the news. In fact, I find it down-right depressing. Early on I made the decision not to read the news everyday, because I found it too overwhelming most of the time. Call me sensitive, but that’s how it was. Lately though, my ignorance has been bashing me in the head as I realize how behind the times and current events I really am. Politics have always been beyond me, it’s a subject I have never really connected with, but in the last few years or more, I have been unnerved by everything going on in the world…or what I gathered from glimpses here and there and conversations between friends. Somehow the news always registers better for me, when filtered through friends and family. Perhaps it is simply the fact that they can respond, whereas the newspaper just isn’t going to hold my hand through it all…so to speak.

    As a result of this slow paced consciousness of mine, I have been making an effort to read more news when I have the chance. But it still makes me despondent and frustrated. I just don’t understand why people do the things they do. I’m so frustrated with society…and not simply foreign ones, but my local or home society as well. I don’t mean to say that I think I’m an angel, a perfect, proper human being, but I would like to think that we could improve upon our pettiness as a collective. It just never seems to happen, nor does it ever seem likely. Instead I feel as though we are more likely to give in to the mob-madness and mourn our sheepishness in silence, behind those ever closed doors of our homes…is it just me?



  1. You know what really helps ease yourself into following the news? Start local! it definitely is a regiment that is tough to fall into and even comprehend at times when it comes to global issues and happenings. Just read local papers (Th Arizona Sun has an RSS feed). Once you get bored of that move on to more state wide stuff. Arizona has some interesting views regarding politics as a whole. And I am sure you get my drift after that. There is no need to rush into the bigger scope of the news. Take months, or even a year or two to get into things like the AFP, BBC, Reuters, Associated Press, etc.

  2. I like BBC. 🙂

  3. used to fill that way before and thought that they could be very start,listen to ur local news&read ur local wud u fill if someone from another country calls u & tells u d latest about ur own country?so help urself&find fun in readin&listenin to news.u’ll get used to it like ur bible&breakfast

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