Posted by: beansai | January 20, 2008

A Good Turn-out

    Now, I know Christmas isn’t supposed to be all about the presents and all that commercialism that capitalists have turned it into, but my family (my parents especially) is not very photogenic, so I don’t have any pictures of familial Christmas merry-making. What I do have pictures of though, is my pretty decent turn-out of gifts for this holiday.

    Most of this stuff is from my parents, a couple of things are from other friends and family, and then a few things are from myself to myself:

These are the DS games I got this Christmas. One of them is from a coworker, one from me to me, and then the other four my parents bought me.

Since I have turned a new leaf and joined the Harry Potter bandwagon, I figured it was time to fully commit and just buy the movies as well. I bought three of them for myself (shame on me!) and then my mom bought me the latest two. Thanks Mom!

My parents also bought me the third installment to the Pirates of the Caribbean to go along with the other two that I have.

I also received a couple of gift cards to Barnes and Noble. One from my grandma and then another from an Aunt and Uncle. A few days after Christmas, my parents made our way to a mall (I know! We were aparently feeling daring, patient, and slightly insane that day!) and I bought up these four books of poetry, naturally going over my total that the giftcards added up to.

    This next photo honestly has nothing to do with my Christmas gifts, but I just wanted to share a photo of my entire DS games collection. I’m only doing this, because, frankly, I’ve never had such a large video game collection. This is a first for me. A milestone in my gamer existence:

    This year was really the first year that I could afford to splurge on my parents, and I think they were happy with what they got…or at least they seemed happy. Sometimes it is hard to tell. I hope they enjoy their gifts, because I really did put a lot of thought into them. Perhaps this entire post will just make me seem materialistic and bragful (<–is that a word?), but that really isn’t how I’m trying to come off…and for some reason, I am feeling the need to justify myself for being excited about the gifts I gave and received. Oh well I suppose. Take it how you must, and I’ll just enjoy my readin’s, gamin’s, and movie watchin. I hope that no matter what you got or didn’t get this year, that you had a happy holiday. And I hope that when I get to times where money is tight and the goodies are not so plentiful, that I’ll be able to take my own advice.


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