Posted by: beansai | February 1, 2008

The Ass of it all…

    Lately…no scratch that…for a very long time internet at my place has been the shittiest service I’ve paid for. I am currently running on cable high speed internet, but the problem is that, on most days, it isn’t running at all. It isn’t even walking…it just simply isn’t connecting.

    As a result of this poor quality service that has been put up with for awhile, I’ve been seriously thinking about switching to DSL. My main concern with doing this though, is the fact that the DSL highest speed that they offer is still slower than the cable. When the cable is working, it works great. But it just doesn’t work consistently enough. But if I do switch…am I going to be just as frustrated with half the “up to” download rate? Not to mention the costs of getting the new service (and the necessity to have a jack put in). So I’m at a bit of a stalemate…I can’t decide what I want to do. Any thoughts anyone as to my predicament?

    UPDATE:I’m beginning to think that I’m doing something simply stupid…a minor detail to all this that I can’t remember (c’me on it’s been over a year since I’ve set this kind of shit up)…and as I result I’m fucking up my already shitty service and making it shittier…hmmm. I’ll figure it out eventually…like the day before I move out most likely. Hah!


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