Posted by: beansai | February 14, 2008

Finding time…

    Oy, things have been hectic. Well, not crazy hectic, just busy. My parents skidadled out of town on Tuesday morning. It was nice to have them here for a weekend. We fairly quickly got my computer moved and back online, but since they were in town, I didn’t really have the chance to post any of the stuff that I wanted. So I have quite a few things to post today, now that my evening class was cancelled (thanks to the snow) and I actually have a moment.

    I am sorry that my posting has been coming in clumps rather than in nicely spread out, even proportions, but such is life. So I am now going to bombard you with a number of things. I do hope you enjoy it all, despite the fact that I am dumping it all on you in one go. 🙂


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