Posted by: beansai | February 14, 2008

My fingerless babies

    Don’t worry. I don’t mean actual children. No. I’m actually talking about my crocheting project of fingerless gloves. Quite awhile ago I had seen a pattern for knitting these awesome fingerless gloves on Well, to get the pattern you first had to sign up to request an invitation. Well, I’m lazy, so I decided to make things more difficult for myself and just try to find the pattern through google. I found a couple of things, but nothing quite like I was hoping. Plus, most of the patterns I found were for knitting, and sadly enough, my knitting skills are not quite up to par for these kind of projects. Basically, I can knit in a straight line, with a few variations in what stitch I use and such. With other things happening in life, I let this idea of a project fall to the wayside.

    A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to signing up for an invite to Ravelry. Quickly enough they got back to me with an invite and boom, there I was with an insane amount of patterns available to me. It was a bit overwhelming at first. Hell, even the multitude of fingerless gloves was overwhelming in itself. I also finally had to admit that I did not yet have the knitting skills to make some of the glove patterns I had come across. So narrowing down my search to just crochet patterns helped a great deal.

    Eventually I stumbled across a decent pattern that wouldn’t take me too long to hook right up. And it didn’t. The problem I found with the pattern though, was that it had me crocheting the glove in a very cylindrical style, without any fit to the variations in width of my arm. This meant that I had to fit the glove to the widest part of my arm, which left me with saggy gloves around the wrists. This simply would not do. My fatty arms required much more tailoring to than this pattern provided. But the pattern did give me a wonderful idea for my own pattern. Essentially I mod’ed the pattern and made it my own. So, here is my first attempt at my mod:

    While this glove definitely turned out much better for me than the original pattern, I wasn’t quite happy with the size of the cuffing (created by crocheting in a different direction) on the upperarm. The yarn elasticity didn’t hold up as well as it did with the rest of the arm. That is why there is a strand of yarn coming out of the top of the glove; it is still attached to the skein, because I haven’t decided whether or not to undue it. Now I’ve fairly well decided to go ahead and keep it, despite the minor problems and crochet up a second one for my other arm. After this one, I went ahead and started on another set with different yarn, making adjustments that needed to be done based off my prototype. So here is the finished product:



I have actually completed the pair of gloves in this yarn and have actually worn them quite a few times to class and work and just around the apartment as well. There is enough give in the yarn that I can wear a regular pair of knit gloves underneath if I am going out into the snow. I wish I had come up the fingers more on the second set, but I got impatient and wanted my damn fingerless gloves. But I love the modifications I made, and will definitely make more of these gloves. They are tailored specifically to my arms, which gives me the perfect fit.



  1. Pretty warmers! That yarn is gorgeous, too.
    I was skeptical of Ravelry in the beginning, but now I can’t get enough. Most of my patterns are found through their database and I love the queue feature.

  2. Wow, I can’t believe you finished them! They look great and I like the yarn you chose.

    Anytime to play Prof. Layton? I know it is a bit off topic but I am curious as to what you might think about that game. 🙂

    And more knitting project pictures please!

  3. @thekidneybean – Thanks. I’m really enjoying them and I must admit, I really love the yarn too. I like Ravelry a lot, though I haven’t had as much time as I would like to go through it. Thanks for leaving a comment, sorry I’m so horribly late in responding.

    @Skunkie – I know! I talked about doing them for so long. Of course the pattern I finally ended up using is very very simple, but it gets the job done. I’ll just trust to the prettiness of the yarn to make up for what the actual pattern lacks. And yes, I have had time to play a bunch of Professor Layton. I definitely want to do a review on it, so I’m not gonna say too much here, but I really like it and it’s really really cute too, which, of course, suits my style. 😉

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