Posted by: beansai | February 17, 2008

February Screenshots

I realized today that I had yet to post a February Screenshot of my ‘putey. So here goes:


The wallpaper is called Squared by Yamster32, which I found today, actually, on MacThemes. Since that was the case, it was easy enough to remember where I found it ;). Other than the wall, not too much has changed on my computer. Hopefully this weekend (including Monday, since it is a holiday for me (w00t! no work or school!)) I will get around to finishing my apartment and posting pics of the spare room at least. Hopefully.



  1. I really like the minimal wallpapers you have been choosing lately. I think it might be time to start checking out that Yamster person.

    Can’t wait to see those apartment pics (I know I still have to get mine up too).

  2. Yeah, I really like this wall. It was a nice find. He has another version of it without the reflection of the squares, but I liked this version better. OMG I was not very productive this past weekend. I did a little bit of work in my room, trying to organize my books, but then I got hungry, went cooked up some foodies, and never got back to working on the room. Maybe this weekend I’ll get more done and THEN get some pictures up. 🙂

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