Posted by: beansai | March 12, 2008

Oh What News…

    Like I mentioned in my March Screenshot post, I have been crazy busy lately. And sadly, this has reflected in my blogging. I’m not around nearly as much as I would like to be. But the blogging craze is finally filtering back into my blood and I really want to catch back up with it. I have so many books to review and so many things just to hash out with you. One major thing I wanted to talk (*cough*brag*cough*) about is that I made a new purchase with some of the money I got back from my tax return.

    I’ve been having issues with my cell phone for months now. The reception in my apartment is absolutely dreadful. I basically stopped trying to make calls in my apartment, because they were constantly dropped and there is nothing as annoying as being cut off in the middle of a sentence. Also, my cell phone is my only phone. I don’t have a land-line. I don’t talk on the phone nearly enough to justify a land-line and a cell. I didn’t do too much about it because I was still under a contract with my provider and for the time being, my roomies had a couple of phones that they were always nice enough to lend me when mine crapped out on me. But then they moved back to California and I was living solo again. It just didn’t feel right having a phone that wasn’t reliable and live by myself. Only problem was that I could only think of one other phone I’d want….so I sucked it up and shelled out the bucks and bought this:



    Yup, that’s right. I bought an Apple iPhone. I was so excited when it got here that I took some pretty crappy photos and very few at that. I just wanted to open it up and play with it and get my service started. I’ve had it now for a couple of weeks and I love it. I even get reception in my apartment. It hasn’t dropped a call for me yet. I can even walk around without having to stoop or bend awkwardly or just stand in the middle of the apartment to get reception. Nope, I can go into any bedroom and it works just fine. It makes me so happy. So this was my little indulgence with my refund from Uncle Sam. I also bought an iSee hard case for the phone as well as a Power Support Crystal Film Set to protect the screen…primarily from my greasy fingers, haha.

    I must say that just about every aspect of this phone comes in handy for me. I check the weather on it, not only for my city, but also for the cities of friends and family. Same goes for the time. I have multiple clocks set up to reflect my time as well as those of friends and family. I use the iPod portion of the phone frequently as well as the ability to sync it with my computer’s address book and calender. And being able to get my email wherever I am is awesome as well. I love it and I’m so excited to have a phone that finally works.


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