Posted by: beansai | April 16, 2008

Journal Entry #15: Presentations

    I’m looking forward to our presentation. I think my partner and I have a good amount of information for our memoir. We’re discussing Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up by the way. It was a fantastically easy read. Took my about five hours to read the couple hundred page memoir. While it is really easy and straight forward, it was enjoyable and I actually learned a lot about Stever Martin and the process of being a stand up comedian. It was much more serious…well no, not serious, just more toned down than I thought it would be with a character like Steve Martin. Of course I don’t know any of his stand up work and I only like a few of his movies. He has plenty of work out there that I haven’t seen. One nice thing about the memoir, is that I finished it wanting to know about him and wanting to take a first/second look at his work in stand up and in films.

    It was nice stepping away from texts that are primarily based on traumatic events. The reading of memoirs can get fairly heavy between deaths, drug/alcohol abuse, warfare, beatings, and the such. I knew right away that I wanted to do a memoir that was a bit more light-hearted side for the presentations. My original thought had been to do David Sedaris’s Me Talk Pretty One Day, because I had heard good things about him and his humor. But others that I had talked to that had considered that one decided to do something else. Then the person I actually ended up working with had mentioned that she wanted to do the Steve Martin memoir, but she didn’t think anyone else would want to. Hell, if it was a happy book I would take it. So we joined forces and I think we’ve made a good team for it. And she picked well. It definitely was not something I would EVER have considered reading on my own. Another wonderful eye opening moment.


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