Posted by: beansai | May 17, 2008

Journal Re-entry Program

    Since I have completed my classes for the Spring semester, I no longer need the journal entries on the right hand column, each entry it’s own page. But I’m not sure how I want to incorporate them into the regular blogging layout. Since they all have their own pages, converting them into posts means I will have a huge update of posts that are all old journal entries. Or I could just copy and paste them all into one LARGE post and just get it out of the way… I can’t seem to decide. I think I would rather just do one large post, but is that fair to those entries? They do mean something to me. I’m torn. Any ideas?



  1. You could always customize the date for each post, that way they won’t bombard your front page and you can keep them relevant to the time you wrote them. šŸ™‚

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