Posted by: beansai | June 9, 2008

A Bug’s Life: A sad and tragic existence

    While I lazily passed along the morning/early afternoon, I didn’t make many attempts to be productive. Eventually I was seized with the absolute necessity of doing the dishes soaking in the sink. So, in order to pacify my guilty conscious after a weekend of lethargy, I got dressed, brushed my hair and teeth, deodorized accordingly and began the arduous task of dish doing. Once that was done, I headed back into my computer room to check feeds and what not. As I passed my bathroom door I noticed an unpleasant sight. A black juicy beetle-ish sort of bug. I continued walking as though I hadn’t seen it. It’s the feel of squishing a bug that sends shivers down my spine; as well as their unpredictability when it comes to flying and landing in unknown places.

    So I willingly forgot that I had ever seen such a bug. I went on with my day, eating lunch, go grocery shopping. Once I got home from the grocery store I unloaded my car and loaded up the fridge with fresh-bought goodies. I was planning out my dinner, but decided I needed to take a pee before beginning any cooking adventures. So I stride with confidence into the bathroom, flip the light switch, and out of habit, looked into the toilet bowl (I have this habit thanks to catching a spider setting up a web across the toilet once…I am forever paranoid now. I don’t like bugs.). There, floating in the clear water, was a sad little black bug. I wonder what suicidal thoughts drove the poor thing to drown itself in toilet water. I can’t imagine. I quickly flushed away the bug (because you never know if it will come back to life) and promptly came to my computer (skipping over my own need for the toilet at the moment), to let you all know of a lonely life lost in my apartment today. I would’ve let the little guy live, as long as he didn’t invade my personal space. He could’ve made his way back out to the great outdoors, my back door was wide open most of the day. But sadly no. He found the only room in the apartment without a window. A moment of silence please………

    This entire episode struck me as odd for some reason. I’m by no means a fan of bugs. But I dunno, it was an odd mixture of hilarity, pity, and tragedy.


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