Posted by: beansai | September 6, 2008

Can you believe it….again?

     With the start and ensuing hectic-ness of the semester, I never had an opportunity to go into more detail about buying my new MacBook. Naturally once I got home that evening with my bounty, I opened the box and immediately delved into the joy of booting up my brand new laptop. What I didn’t mention in my post Can you believe it…? was that I had a minor issue with my MacBook. And I mean minor! A little off of center of the screen there was a dead pixel or stuck if you like. I noticed it pretty much right away. This itty bitty pinprick of pixel stuck in the middle of the screen, where there is no choice but to always see it whenever I opened a window. While this is extremely minor and by no means intolerable, I was still a bit vexed after a 2hr drive and a full day of shopping (with the people that I went to town with), to come home thrilled and giddy, it was disappointing to see such a physically manifested flaw in my new beauty of the machine.

     I decided to look up my options and read through some forums where people recommended giving AppleCare a call and being polite and MAYBE they’ll replace the computer at no cost. Skunkie also suggested calling in hopes that I wouldn’t have to make the two hour trip back down to town to the Apple Store. Well, most unfortunately they were closed by the time I had a chance to call, so I was forced to ignore it for the time being. The next day, in the afternoon (after I had finished up my other errands requiring attention), I called Apple Care on up and explained to them what was going on. The lady was very polite and I was very patient and polite in return (I felt it wouldn’t do any good to kick and scream, beside, that’s not my style anyway). She was kind enough to approve a replacement. The was, of course, that I had to make the two hour trip back down to the Apple Store I had purchased from. Bummer, but not.

     So that same day, the day after the original 4hrs of traveling time for the first MacBook, I made a 2hr drive down. Before leaving my house I made sure to book a Genius appointment like the AppleCare lady recommended. I was scheduled for the last time slot available. Anyway, I got there early and, naturally, they were very busy (which didn’t surprise me considering that classes were going to start the next day). I waited around until my appointed time and then sat down with my Genius.

     He was pleasant enough at first I suppose. Though once I went into my spiel of having just bought the laptop the day before and there being a dead pixel in the middle of the screen, he seemed a bit less…well…pleasant. Then we turned on the laptop and he said that he didn’t see anything. I spun the computer around and angled it so I could see the screen and immediately pointed it out to him. Such a small anomaly seemed to annoy him. Not because it was there, no, because I was sitting across from him essentially saying that this wasn’t gonna work for me and that he had to follow through and replace the computer, because Apple Care already said they would. I understood his frustration, but I felt that he was unwilling to see my point of view. This is a brand new computer that I spent over a grand on (not to mention it was my latest in many a line of Apple products) and I expected quality products from a company that emphasized quality. Instead he lectured me about the impossibility of making an utterly flawless machine. I am so far, with my two experiences, I am UNimpressed with the Apple Geniuses.

     All the sales people I had to deal with in this quick two-day adventure to Macland were very nice and helpful. Even the sales guy that had to handle the exchange of my first purchase for a new one. That guy was extremely polite and well mannered despite the difficulty they had in doing the unconventional exchange. He even let me open up and start the new one to make sure there weren’t any problems, despite the fact that they were already closed. I was the last customer out of there that evening.

      All in all I was happy with their accommodating attitudes and the fact that Apple was willing to work with me and replace the laptop. So, I, crazily enough, got two new MacBooks in two days. Granted I only kept one and paid for one, but still, it was an odd feeling. This post, as oppose to my last “Can you believe it…?”, was typed on my new new MacBook. It has been a couple weeks so far and things have been awesome. It is really convenient to have it with me nearly everywhere I go, especially at work. While at first it was disappointing to get home and find that itty bitty stuck pixel, I was very pleased with Apple’s handling of it. As a result, I walked away with my new MacBook, still happy to have done business with Apple, despite the minor hang-ups.

     P.S. – When I get around to posting pictures of my MacBook, they will actually be of the initial Book and not the one I actually have, but I figured the effect would pretty much be the same. šŸ™‚



  1. I absolutely would NOT be able to stand even one stuck pixel. I’m with you on this one. The genius had no right to lecture you. What if you did web design or photo manipulation on the machine? A dead pixel (even one) is a deal breaker IMHO.

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