Posted by: beansai | September 17, 2008

Lit Bit Twitter Book Club

     I’m sure you’re thinking “About time!” from the title, right? I mean, it seems like such a logical progression to go from reviews to an online book club… Sadly though, my sad little brain never made such a leap. Instead, my good friend Skunkie suggested that I start a book club and utilize Twitter for keeping up on it. I do believe that we must also thank our friend MegaNice9 for the initial suggestion to Skunkie about the book club. I must admit that I was squirming in my seat with excitement for the potential of this book club. Immediately my brain started formulating plans and making lists of books. I also right away made a Twitter account for @Lit_Bit

     Now for some of the logistics:

     I’m thinking we’ll read a book a month, possibly set weekly chapter goals, and then meet online at the “end” of the week (I get that some of this might be relative). Obviously this is all open to change and adjusting as we get things going and see what runs the most efficiently and smoothly. I suppose how often we meet will ultimately depend on schedules and how intensely we want to discuss the text. As I think about it more, once a week might be asking a lot of commitment, so we might have to knock it down to bi-monthly or just once a month. Obviously this is all a work in progress and the very beginning of hashing out the details. I am completely open to suggestions and would love to hear some recommendations from anyone that would care to offer them.

     Another goal I want to set for this new book club venture is an open-minded, safe environment to discuss texts of all varieties. Which means it is highly likely we will read texts that some might see as controversial. So, please realize that if you are going to join up, we may be discussing topics that you find abhorrent. Which I’m okay with! I don’t mean to imply that you have to like what we read, just that everyone respects everyone else’s personal stance. Debate away my friends, but keep it civil! Am I asking a lot? Are my expectations high in that area? I don’t think so. I certainly hope not. And, naturally, people are welcome to participate or not, off and on, I’m cool with that.

     Okay, so those are some of the details of the book club logistics. Now for a bit more. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve set up an RSS feed widget on Lit Bit (bottom of the left hand column) to reflect the book club Twitter account updates. I’ve had some trouble getting this to work properly, so hang in there if it doesn’t update…and let me know, of course. Right now I’m not sure if it is doing much updating, I will have to fiddle with it some more. I am hoping to use Twitter as a means of getting information out to the book clubbers, so if you want to join in and don’t have a Twitter account, follow the link above to sign on up. And then remember to follow @Lit_Bit so you can get the updates! As for when we are actually going to start up, that won’t happen until October. I figured we could use the rest of the month of September to get the word out, organize, hear suggestions (for books and organization), and not feel rushed to throw something together. Sound good? I thought so.

     For October Skunkie suggested we read something for Blog Action Day, for which the topic is poverty this year. And I whole-heartedly agree with that idea. I’ve already began looking up potential books, though I am having a bit of trouble finding something that is current as well as easily accessible. I definitely don’t want this club to turn into a money sucker. As much as I love buying books, even I have a practical limit that realizes they are not always the most affordable. Plus I want to try and read books that are available in multiple formats like audio or digital. So suggestions for this first book would be greatly appreciated. And no, it doesn’t have to be fiction. I by no means want to constrain this venture to strictly fiction. In fact I have already been brewing up a list of a variety of different genres of books we can potentially read. Okay, well, I think that is an ample amount of information in one go, so I will shove off now and be back later with more to say, I’m sure. I really hope everyone gets as excited about this as I am.



  1. Would it be a good idea for each member of the club to write a review of the chosen book for publication (as a guest author, ultimately selected by you) on Lit Bit? You could think of it as a blog carnival. Discussions could be held in the comments of main carnival post, and also in the review posts, with cross-references to various other guest reviews in the form of links? This would keep conversations going over time, and would not require huge numbers of members to start with in order to keep things rolling.

    Then, let’s say a published review was linked to from its respective owner’s site. This would increase traffic to Lit Bit, accumulatively, and increase book club participants. You would be the editor/ ringleader of the book club/ carnival. Updates via Twitter would continue as per usual.

    Anyhow, just a long-winded idear. Whatever way you choose, I’m still in.

  2. @Mega – I like the idea of guest reviewers, especially since I was playing with the idea of either having different person each month choose a book for the club to read, or have a genre theme for each month (i.e. fiction, memoir, non-fiction, poetry, play, etc.). I don’t know that I would have the central discussion on Lit Bit, because I think posting comments and such can lack the immediacy for a discussion. I suppose I want it to be as real-time as possible. Because of this, I was even considering Twitter inefficient and thought maybe an IRC chat or something like that would be more effective. But it is definitely a good idea and something I will keep open as a possibility. Especially if my ideas totally suck in everyone else’s opinion and I’m just deluding myself….
    I definitely do like the minimal management aspect of your idea though…hmmm so much to think about.

  3. While I think the review idea is interesting, I dunno if this really falls on the collective purpose of Lit Bit (the blog). Ultimately it will be up to Willow. I am by no means a reviewer (but full of opinions 😉 ). I can’t say I would participate in that aspect of the book club. I’ll take part in any discussions though on Twitter or here on Lit Bit.

  4. Hey, I’m in. I’ll check back to see what book you pick. Also, have you looked at Poemcrazy? It’s fun poetry type book – no poems but good ideas. I’m too lazy (read, busy) to help with the selection but if you assign me a book to read, I will do it.

  5. Yay! I am so excited! *Does a little dance*

    @Jill – I haven’t heard of Poemcrazy, but I will definitely have to look into that. Thanks for letting me know. And I’m so excited you’re going to join us.


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