Posted by: beansai | September 18, 2008

Just messing around…

     Last week I ordered a Wacom Bamboo Tablet (a relatively impulse buy after a frustrating week) and it finally came today via UPS. Once I got home and got settled, relaxed for a few minutes, goofed around with my pup Princess, I was ready to rip open that box (which was way too big for this tablet) and unearth my new toy. It is certainly thinner and smaller than I imagined….not in a bad way though. I don’t really have a whole lot of desk room, what with my messy habits and all, so small and lightweight works for me. Anyway, I began fiddling with the tablet (after going through their tutorial) and opened up a painting program in order to start “painting”. This is why I got the tablet after all. I love traditional art and if I was intensely serious about my art, I would bust those paints out everyday or leave my art area set up constantly, but, sadly, I’m not. So, in general, pulling out my paints or pastels or anything can be a real hassel in the midst of day to day bustle. I generally also only have one day a week off, and I usually end up fairly lethargic and lazy on that day off. So, at this time in my life, it just isn’t practical for me to be all dedicated artsy…

     My way of compromising between traditional art (which is a lot of work and I admire those who make the time for it no matter what is going on in life) and no art whatsoever, was this tablet. While the extravagant side of me would love a huge, kick ass Intuos series tablet, it’s way too expensive and way too pro for me. I just wanted something that would be decent. So, back to the Bamboo… Why I am really posting was just to share a couple of initial drawings that I did for practice and getting the feel for the tablet and pen. One drawing is the initial sketch and the other is a partially colored in variant of the sketch. Obviously, I am not completely familiar with all the functions and tools of the painting program, but I think for 40 minutes of drawing, I got along nicely. Anyway, here are my “paintings” (don’t laugh, these were both done in a span of 40 minutes and are extremely rough):


     I’ve always wanted to share more of my dabblings in artwork here on Lit Bit, but my workings are so far and few between, that there is rarely an occasion of creation for me to share with you all. I’m hoping with this new lil’ tablet I’ll get around to doing more artwork, even if it is just casual.



  1. Oh! I really enjoy seeing your artwork! I understand these are rough sketches, but they indicate to me, that you will be able to do more with the Bamboo than I was able too. I simply could NOT get the thing to do more than a stick figure, that’s why I warned you against it. Perhaps I was wrong.

    I do hope we can look forward to more of these sketches 😀

  2. @Meganice9 – It surprisingly did not take me long to adjust to using/sketching with the Bamboo. And I think for a first time user of a tablet and someone that isn’t, perhaps, as serious about their artwork, it is certainly a nice alternative to some of the more expensive lines of tablets. I would definitely recommend the Bamboo for beginners that are just getting started or someone who is on a serious budget. I really like it and was surprised at how easy it was to use and to get the hang of drawing on. And I did these sketches without changing any of the default settings for the tracking of the pen or anything else to the tablet. 😀

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