Posted by: beansai | November 4, 2008

Go Vote!

     Welp, I’ve already gone this morning and voted. Yay me! If you haven’t gotten out there and voted yet, DO IT! I don’t care which way you choose to vote, just as long as you go vote. And don’t think that your candidate already has it in the bag and then don’t vote… that’s how candidate’s can lose the bag: people stop voting, thinking their vote doesn’t matter. YOUR VOTE MATTERS! YOUR VOICE MATTERS! So this is my “go vote” advocation post.

     The process was relatively painless and simple for this second time Presidential election voter. Being only 24, this is only the second time that I’ve been able to vote in a Presidential election, so the process can feel a little intimidating, but in reality it was very simple and straight forward, which I really appreciated, because I was at the poll at 6 A.M. after only a few hours of sleep last night. I was about ready to fall asleep standing in line as I waited. One complaint that I did have though was the fact that someone cut me in line. I mean, what is this? The grade school lunch line? Seriously, that’s just rude and immature. And I feel a bit petty bringing it up, but it really caught me off guard. I didn’t mind waiting the extra couple of minutes that the situation required of me, but I was honestly taken aback that an adult wouldn’t have the integrity to say “Oh she was before me in line” instead of just stepping in. He could clearly see me waiting and had been staring at my back for the past forty minutes. Again, I feel petty here, but it just gave me a kick-back to middle school where it was a race to get to the lunch line first. Someone should tell this dude that the poll wasn’t going anywhere and the one more minute he would have had to wait really wouldn’t have made that much difference. Okay, moving on.

     I’ve never been totally up on politics and all that jazz, but I must admit that I’m excited and nervous to see what the outcome of this election will be. Naturally I want it to run in the direction I voted. 😉


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