Posted by: beansai | December 31, 2008

What am I thinking…?

     I have been distracted lately. Granted, these have been reasonable distractions, but I still feel a twinge of annoyance when I think how much I have shoved into the closet to focus on other things. Two of those objects in the closet are Lit Bit and the Book Club. While both are still up and running, it is by no means pro-active right now, which also leaves me feeling guilty. (This is where my little rational mind-voice says, “Now, be reasonable! You can’t do everything and finishing school and applying for grad schools takes precedence.”) I’m not sure I agree with this voice. Not that those things aren’t high priority, but it simply makes me sad that I set them higher than the things I want to do, things I started up on my own time. I feel full of contradictions at the moment: I wanted to graduate (with good grades) from NAU and I want to apply to graduate schools as well as keep up with Lit Bit.

     Now I hadn’t intended for this post to be a personal confession of neglect and guilt; in fact it was meant to segue into a book review. I feel I’ve gone too far for that, so I will end this little blab and start a fresh post for the review (because they have been sorely lacking lately :/).


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