Posted by: beansai | April 22, 2009

Earth Day

     I am currently residing in California on a visit with my good friends Skunkie and PolyVector. We decided for Earth Day we were going to try and limit our usage of things like electricity (a very trying thing for us tech junkies to do). I also decided in honor of Earth Day to completely rework the look of my MacBook Dock, wallpaper, and other various icons in the system by use of CandyBar 3 (which Skunkie and PolyVector were awesome enough to buy me for my birthday two days ago (Thanks guys!).). While the aesthetic appeal of my desktop may not contribute to the Earth directly, I hope that it will serve as a reminder to myself to think about the amount of waste and energy usage I create in my daily life.


     I found the various icons and docks in places like and MacThemes. I’m gonna go ahead and link to a few of the artists that supplied the icons and such. If I miss anyone, I’m sorry, or if you know of someone I missed, let me know and I’ll gladly link to them. 😀

The wallpaper “Simply…” is by Assydious
wikinerd’s “Now Wooden” and “Now in Wood” collections were great for apps like iTunes, 1Password, Transmission, etc.
kano89 made awesome wood icons for things like Finder, Safari, and Dashboard.
Thvg made all the wood disk drive icons and system folders I am currently using
HYBRIDWORKS made the icons I am currently using for Colloquy, Stanza, and my trash
kano89 also made the Dark Wooden & Glassy Dock I am currently using

     Thanks to all the talented people that make customization so easy. I really appreciate it. And big thanks to friends that make it even easier by getting me an awesome present like CandyBar. I hope everyone has a wonderfully aware Earth Day. I’m off to read using good ol’ sunlight as my lamp.



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