Posted by: beansai | May 6, 2009

Getting Personal

     I’ve recently been toying with the idea of starting a personal blog. I hate mixing my personal posts and literature based posts here on Lit Bit. I’m okay with some overlap (because I consider this inevitable) as long as a semi-personal post has something to do with literature: like what book I am currently reading or plan on reading or struggling with writer’s block, etc. But the full blown personal, I-just-need-to-bitch posts generally drive me crazy and cause me some embarrassment, no matter how necessary they may have been when I wrote and posted them. So in comes the idea of a completely separate blog that is dedicated to me just saying whatever personal thing I need to say, no matter how irrelevant, mundane, exaggerated. I seriously tried to give this avenue a go. I could really use a place to just unload my thoughts. But I can’t. I tried to write posts for a personal blog. I can’t do it. I can’t be that blatantly personal, that open. I can only do it in vague, round-about ways like this post. How frustrating. I will have to come up with some other solution I suppose. I’ve tried just normal journaling… I only get on my own nerves doing that. :/ And I’m sure before an hour has passed I will be embarrassed by this post as well. *sigh*


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