Posted by: beansai | November 13, 2010

Ages and ages

     I know I haven’t posted a thing worth reading in ages. Beyond ages. Over a year at least. I really want to get back to it, and I’m starting to mentally work myself back into a mind of writing reviews. I also want to re-read some books and do reviews on those. I’d especially like to do a series on Margaret Atwood. Maybe I’ll go on a Margaret Atwood book binge and review them all – maybe I’ll read them in chronological order and take a look at how her writing has progressed over the years. Maybe that’s a bit ambitious too. The point is, I’ve been thinking about writing reviews a lot more recently, now I simply need to make myself actually do one.

     On a side note, I passed my MA with distinction. Yay me! And I found a job – well, a job for the holidays at the very least. I am still trying to decide if I want to go for a PhD or not. We’ll see. So I’ll set a goal here: I will have a review posted by the end of the month, and hopefully at least one a month from here on out. I’m also trying to post daily at Photobean, and whenever I have something to blab about at in the beansai. 🙂


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